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What Are The Dirtiest Spots of Your House?

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How many of you are showing interest in keeping your homes dirt free? Many of you clean only prominent parts of the house and neglect the several areas which need your attention. We’re used to vacuuming carpets, scrubbing countertops and dusting shelves and much more on a daily basis but this is not proper cleaning. Somehow you are openly welcoming all kinds of germs, allergies and mites which can be bad for your health. Let’s take a look at some of the areas which might be being ignored.

  • Kitchen

You might be cleaning your kitchen daily. Scrubbing countertops, cleaning sinks and wiping floors are the regular base cleaning options but here are some places which need your attention too. You need to keep cutting boards, juicers, coffee makers and refrigerators clean and not just the kitchen sinks, countertops and microwaves. Ensure all these are cleaned, to do so you can wipe them down with a sponge, some disinfectant and lukewarm water. Also, be sure to replace your dishcloths every week.

  • Door Knobs, Handles, and electric openings

Most of the time we don’t pay attention to door knobs, microwave handles, and electrical openings. These areas are usually the dirtiest, you need to clean these thoroughly using disinfecting wipes.

  • Bathroom

There’s no doubt that you’re cleaning your bathroom daily, but there’s also a high chance you’re missing certain spots. The bathroom is the perfect breeding place for germs. You need to concentrate on areas such as the shower, drains, floors and bath towels. Don’t forget to clean drains as well, they are often overlooked but if left can quickly become blocked, causing sinks and showers to overflow and flood. It is recommended to check your drainage system at least once every week.

  • Laundry Area

Your laundry room is usually only ever seen when you’re in the mood to do laundry, other than that you may use it to store dirty clothes before you wash them. We ignore the fact that if we leave wet clothes in the washing machine then it would be easy for germs to flourish. Make sure that after every laundry run you are putting your wet clothes in the dryer and don’t forget to clean your machine, this can be done by adding a washing machine cleaning tablet after a wash.

  • Living Room

Our living room accessories tend to get dirty especially our television remote, phones, laptops, tablets and your living room carpet. Ensure that you’re vacuuming your carpet daily and keeping your gadgets clean too. It is highly recommended to use specialised cleaning wipes to disinfect these accessories, DO NOT USE WATER. We used to clean the living room daily, but sometimes we take these things for granted.

  • Pet houses:

If you own a pet then you may have a pet home, where your pet can relax after a day of being active, these can vary from kennels to cat trees. However, you can’t expect them to remain there. They will quickly move around your home, as a pet would. Pets can be one of the biggest causes of dirt in your home, from shedding hair to dirty paw prints. It’s important to keep them well groomed and bathed, as well as cleaning up after them. Make sure their toys aren’t in the kitchen and be sure to clean their bowls every now and then.

These are the some dirtiest spots which we often overlook but they need to be cleaned at least once a week. So make sure you are disinfecting those areas carefully, making these steps now will greatly help with future cleaning. Keep your environment clean and healthy. Good Luck!