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Do you know Secret Dirtiest spots of your houses?


How many of you are showing interest to keep your homes dirt free? Many of you clean only prominent parts of the house and neglect the several areas which need your attention. We use to do vacuuming carpets, scrubbing countertops and dusting shelves and much more on a daily basis but this is not proper cleaning. Somehow you are welcoming openly all kind of germs and allergies, mites which can be severe for your health. Let’s have a look these areas which are might be ignored by us deliberately.

  • Kitchen

You might be cleaning your kitchen daily. Scrubbing counter tops, cleaning sinks and wiping floors are the regular base cleaning options but here are some places which need your attention too. You need to keep clean cutting boards, juicers, coffee makers, refrigerators and none other kitchen sinks, countertops and microwaves. Ensure these areas must be cleaned both to use some cleaners for countertops or sinks and soak sponges in Luke warm water to disinfect the microwave surface. Make sure you are changing dish towels within a week.

  • Door Knobs, Handles, and electric openings

Most of the time we don’t pay attention to door knobs, microwave handles, and electrical openings. These areas are the dirtiest you need to clean those spots within a week through disinfecting wipes.

  • Bathroom

There is no doubt if you are cleaning your bathroom daily, but still, there are bacteria’s which is affecting you. The bathroom is the perfect place where germs can rapidly grow. You need to concentrate shower tubs, drains, floors, bath towels. Somehow we don’t bother drainage system, and we get to know the main problem when water over spilled through tubs and sinks just because of blockage. It is recommended to check drainage system at least after every week.

  • Laundry Area

We use to see our laundry area when we are in the mood to do laundry otherwise this field is only necessary to keep your off clothes in the machine and lock the area and went back to the room. We ignore this fact if we left wet clothes in the machine then it would be easy for germs to flourish. Make sure after every laundry you are putting your clothes in the dryer for perfect dry and don’t forget to disinfect your machine through wipe.

  • Living Room

Our living room accessories use to get dirty especially our television remote, phones, laptops, tablets and your living room carpet. Ensure you are vacuuming carpet daily and keeping clean these gadgets too. It is recommended here to use cleaning wipes to disinfect these accessories. We use to clean the living area daily, but sometimes we take these things for granted.

  • Pet houses:

You may have your pet homes where your pet can relax after a whole day strolling or to keep them safe from blazing sun heat, but you can’t bind your pets to their living area they will quickly move in your lounges, living rooms for jumping in bed, wandering in the kitchen and other regions. Let me tell you here one thing your pets are the one who can quickly bring germs into the home through their dirty paws; their toys will also have yeast and mold particles. So it is imperative to keep their paws clean through wipes and clean their eatable bowls and toys with soapy liquid as well.

  • Personal Items

Our items like keys, wallets, cell phones are also having a high amount of bacteria so to keep yourself away from germs it’s essential to clean your items with cleaning wipes as well because these things are also having dirt and severe type of grimes. If you are very conscious to keep electronics items clean especially cell phone, then use electronic products cleaners.

These are the some dirtiest secret spots which we don’t bother on a daily basis but these need our attention at least every week at least. So make sure you are disinfecting those areas carefully because incautiously these spots are flourishing germs, and we don’t know about it so stay in contact with these areas when you are cleaning. Keep your environment clean and healthy. Good Luck!

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